Ben's Beef Jerky has Proven to be an Excellent way to Raise Funds for:

School Trips, and Club & Team Activities and Equipment   

In 2008, Ben was approached by two schools south of Calgary. The students wanted to sell something that was a little different than what everyone else was selling. The students' idea paid off.

As an example, a middle school class of 15 students raised over $6000 in under 10 days selling packs of Ben's Beef Jerky.

If you have done many fundraisers or have never engaged in fundraising before call Ben at 403-329-4349 to review your options for fundraising success.




Photos of other fundraisers...

University of Lethbridge Rotaract Club March-May 2009




Fundraising FAQs

(1) How much does shipping cost?

Before you make your payment we will quote you the shipping charge.

(2) Are there pre-order forms available?

Yes. We can send you forms and a file so you can print them when you need more.

(3) Does Ben's Beef Jerky need refrigeration?

Our Beef Jerky is vacuum packed and doesn't need refrigeration. Though it shouldn't sit in the sun light or be left in a hot place.

(4) How long for order delivery?

We are constantly making beef jerky, so what you get will only have been made the week before. From the time you make the order, it takes about 5-10 days to receive it. This depends on the order size.




Raise money to buy new equipment or to pay travel expenses for an out of town tournament.

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