The History of Ben's Beef Jerky   

Ben Tschetter started making beef jerky for his own use out of his home over 40 years ago. When he shared it with his friends he soon found it to be in popular demand. As demand increased and time passed Ben decided to start up his own operation in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

    Today, the Ben's Beef Jerky operation is a family business and its products are considered, among many people, to be the best available in Alberta. Ben's Beef Jerky is, and always has been, made from 100% Alberta Beef.

    Even though Ben's Beef Jerky can only be purchased in Alberta, people visiting our province have taken it back to their native countries. Some of these countries include, United States, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Yugoslavia, Vietnam and many more.

    Ben's Beef Jerky is committed to serving the province of Alberta.

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